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I installed it on my 2006 Toyota matrix it was sluggish before having this now it is peppy for a 4 cylinder engine and is much better on gas I recommend this product. I think most people don't install it correctly. So many bad reviews , not the case for me it's a great product. Read more

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Complete waste of time, took it off my pickup and threw it in the trash . I called the tech support to ask a question about installing it and they chewed me out for being a fake customer Add comment

Purchased Gforce for my son's 2007 Durango hoping to help him as he is a single dad taking kids to sports practices every day plus 100 plus mile sport meets. Had my mechanic of 30 years install it so it would be done correctly (he laughed at me, said 'waste of money, but OK"). IT DID NOTHING OVER A THREE MONTH PERIOD. Wish could get my money back plus expenses for install.... If this product is so good why don't they guarantee it - so sad,... Read more

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The chip was installed in my 2004 Celica GT. After about 30 miles the car started dying at every stop light or stop sign. I had no power whatsoever. just barely lurching & bucking down the road. It actually went through the half tank of gas faster than it had ever before. Add comment

I bought the $65 GeForce chip and did not see a better difference. I returned it with a RMA number authorized by the company and they never sent me my money or the chip to replace it. I actually had the customer service hang up on me three times when I called him back and laughed at me when I asked to speak to the manager. I would highly strongly so just not only not buying anything from this company but going to Uni chip! Much better product... Read more

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I purchased a g-force performance chip for my 2000 dodge 360. it didn't perform as advertised. they clamed up to a 70 hp. increase, better gas and better gasmileage. now don't get me wrong, there was some improvments as I will note: that my 2000 dodge is an oddball, and I am sure that they did the best that they could for that year as they only made fullsize dodge trucks and vans for 30 days in 12/99. what I did get was 5 more hp. better shift... Read more

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I had purchased and installed my GF performance chip on my 2011 Ford F-150 eco boost. The mileage began to increase after a month and then my service engine light came on. I took it to the dealer and was told the GF performance chip is not compatible with Ford. It was an expensive lesson for me! Read more

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Had this in my car for supposed gas savings really wondered if it worked after shorting my mass air flow sensor. I had it 4 year now I open it up it is missing all resistors so I was really cheated you can see yourself it was a scam where there is no connection to the chip at all I should sue Read more

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I purchased a G-Force performance chip for my 2003 Ford F250 6.0L Diesel engine. I used their tech support to make sure I hooked up the wires properly, the paperwork that came with the chip did not describe the wire (colors) I had. I put 4,000 miles on my 6.0L diesel truck and found no difference in fuel economy or performance. I returned the chip for a refund almost 5 months ago and heard nothing back from G-Force. My opinion is that this... Read more

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I have my chip and need to know what color wire to hook up.. 2005 chevy alavanche 4x4 5.3 liter .. i see tan - red - yellow - blk/white and blk.... thank you Add comment

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