just received my G force chip didn't read the comments on the chip first will hang it, over work bench reminding me not to waste money on cheap stuff.All I wanted was more fuel mileage (if truck did 25 MPG would still want more.

) LOL Figure I spill more whiskey during year than what chip cost, chalk it up to being gullible. If all future life problems cost just 75.00 dollars your doing better than I am.

Will at some time get Bully dog or one of other programmer's have 2013 Ford EcoBoost if you use premium fuel, have gotten 20+MPG on freeway changed out exhaust drilled holes in intake box (couldn't afford 236.00 $ for airaid intake) the holes probably void warranty (just like peeing on tires on cold day does), Ford Ecoboost dosent get good till 15,000-20,000 miles.use mide grade name brand fuel if you want decent fuel mileage.


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Our products are dyno proven and lab tested to work.They actually work excellent.

It is definitely worth a try and we are positive you will be satisfied.In the even you want to return the item, you are welcome to return the item back for a refund.

- Gforce Customer Support

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Your *** in the wind using mid grade gas,use reg, or high test.

I work with gas. Mid grade is nothing but expensive regular,

Clown, have another whiskey!

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