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Never have I attempted to buy something from a company and be treated so poorly. The on line chat person was without a doubt the stupidest and worst customer support person I ever had the displeasure of dealing with.

Then the cherry on the cake was when I talked to the tech support manager who amazingly was even worse. As a customer if you are upset you can vent all you want even when you are wrong you are correct. Not very difficult to just not listen to someone and still come across as caring. But not this bunch of people.

Wasn't even yelling and he hung up on me before I finished.

The only thing as poor as the help is there is the performance products the sell. It was comical how poor the service is there.

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You sound like a real winner. Contrary to your twisted mindset, CSRs are NOT paid to assume the position and take abuse from people who somehow expect to be "right even if they are wrong".

The way you think is fully representative of everything that is wrong with American consimers.

I would have hung up on you to if I was the tech guy if all you wanted to do was scream. I want to take a shower after just reading your review.

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